Hikvision wireless camera

Hikvision Wireless camera range of DVR and NVR security systems (digital video recorders) and NVR security systems (network video recorders) connect with CCTV security systems, enabling you to record what the CCTV cameras see, and play it back at a later date. Many systems also support wireless camera connection.

All of Hikvision Wireless camera DVR security systems provide remote viewing, enabling you to view security footage remotely either from a computer, your smartphone or tablet.

Furthermore, Hikvision Wireless camera DVR security systems are available with between 4 and 16 channels, enabling you to connect up to 16 cameras to your CCTV security system. Dependent on the cameras these can record at night, outdoors and in HD quality.

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As the world’s largest Hikvision Wireless camera security manufacturer, Hikvision has been a pioneer in the Hikvision Wireless camera video surveillance industry’s revolutions in digitalization, networking, and intelligence. According to IHS report, Hikvision has topped the list as the world’s largest supplier of Hikvision Wireless camera Surveillance Equipment for six consecutive years (2011-2018), and retains the number one market share position in virtually all individual equipment categories, including network cameras, analog and HD CCTV cameras, DVR/NVRs, and video encoders. The company is also placed at the top of the rankings in A&S Magazine’s “Security 50” for 2 consecutive years in 2016 and 2017, following a rise to second place in 2015 from third place in 2014.

Hikvision Wireless camera