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At Security Camera Repair when it comes to the security of your residential and commercial property, We want to be the business you can trust. We will aim to be there in 24 hours when possible. So why not book your CCTV Repair Engineer Today. Furthermore, at CCTV Camera Repair, we understand you want to know that the security cameras that are installed around your premises are done so in a manner that will provide the results you are seeking. A reputable technician will have the training, tools, and expertise to position these cameras in the locations around your building structures where you will be able to see and record activities which may be of a questionable nature. Ensuring that these cameras are properly placed in a fashion that records illegal actions and occurrences will provide you with the proof necessary to prosecute the individuals that commit these actions.

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We are able to provide you with the services necessary to properly plan and place all security cameras that you will need to ensure that you, your family and other individuals that utilize your premises will be safe from the ill intentions of others. More than sixty percent of all commercial property owners that have cameras installed on the interior and exterior of their commercial building facilities have lower criminal activities occur on their premises. The Security Camera Repair technicians that work for our company are able to address any areas that are particularly bothersome to you.

Our CCTV Digital video recorders can store a large amount of footage we can store from a couple of weeks to 3 months. We will design the CCTV DVR to meet your needs. With iPhone and Android apps available to watch your property from anywhere in the world it has never been easier to stay in touch and keep your home/office safe. Call Security Camera Repair for a free quotation for all your security needs.


At Security Camera Repair, we are able to provide the repairs, maintenance and installation services for your security camera needs around your property. Our company understands the serious nature of having adequate security cameras and recording devices in place should you find yourself a victim of criminal actions and occurrences. People often feel that security cameras are only a deterrent that can be utilized on commercial premises. However, more residential property owners are utilizing these devices to ensure that their home and family are safe from ill intentions of others.

Our Security Camera Repair technicians have the training, tools, and experience to service all of your security cameras and other CCTV equipment that may be in use for the protection of your property and the individuals that utilize these premises. Special attention is emphasized on the placement of each of your CCTV devices.


Should you encounter problems with security cameras and other CCTV equipment utilized on your premises, you can depend on Security Camera Repair to deliver results. Our company focuses on the repair and service of these high-tech systems to provide you with the security and safety measures that you need. We understand that problems with these systems do not just occur during normal business hours. That is why we will dispatch a repair technician to your location immediately and perform the repair services to get your security systems back in pristine condition. You will never experience long waiting times for our technicians to arrive at your location.

World Wide Remote Access

When your business requires you to travel or you are responsible for the operation of multiple business locations, you can take comfort in knowing that Security Camera Repair can provide you with the security measures that allow you to monitor the premises you are overseeing from any location. This will allow you to respond immediately to any occurrences that happen on these premises in a manner that can prevent major devastation. Many business owners find that these services are ideal for addressing internal problems before their business faces severe losses or damage.

Residential property owners will find that with the ability to utilize worldwide remote access for their security systems, they can monitor their property and their family’s safety when traveling, working or simply out for the evening. This can provide many homeowners with a new level of comfort where their family’s well-being is of concern.

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Quality CCTV Security Camera Installation, Upgrades and Repairs

Here at Security Camera Repair Services we offer the best in upgrades and installs across the United Kingdom. We also offer a CCTV Cabling Repair Service, we can help you to gain control over the security of your home or business. We offer customised CCTV camera installation for your home or business, with state of the art devices. Our services can be perfectly tailored to both residential and commercial premises. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, reliable CCTV security solutions.

Our solutions can help you monitor your premises for timely detection of hazards. When the alarm system is triggered, the CCTV system can assess the situation, and decipher whether there is an issue that calls for an immediate action. The footage is also recorded for post event playbacks.

We install PC based Digital Video Recorder (DVR), and standalone DVR systems. These devices can trace events from up to 16 security cameras at a time. With these systems, you can choose to have either scheduled or motion-activated recordings, while accessing the recorded events and camera output remotely via the Internet or Intranet.

Some of the features our set-ups include are:

  • Integrated components, specifically devised to meet your budget and security requirements.
  • IP video surveillance.
  • Low light or no light CCTV systems for night surveillance.
  • Access to full monitoring services.
  • IP-enabled security and access control panels.


Save on Energy and Costs, with our Green Solutions

The green solutions we have will help you to save power with the best security camera repair or installation in your home or business while protecting the environment. With our green CCTV installations, we will provide you with the following options:

– Advanced security systems. This decreases power consumption when the premise is vacant and the alarm is armed.
– CCTV systems with presence sensors. They will turn off lighting, heating, and cooling when no one is in the area.

CCTV Repairs Service Engineers

If you are happy with your current security systems but repairs are necessary, our team can get it working again in no time. We provide fast and professional repairs for CCTV security camera repair or installation. Whether it be a warehouse or a home, we have you covered. Our team will visit you at your premises to assess the problem and find an effective solution for it.

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  • Excellent after sales support.
  • On-site training for your security personnel to learn the devices.
  • Wide variety of systems to choose from

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