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Uniview CCTV Camera Installations is a locally owned and operated business, providing home and business security protection solutions to its clients throughout the United Kingdom. The Company is headed up by Gary Pearce who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Crime Prevention and CCTV. Uniview CCTV Camera Installations specialise in CCTV and Alarm systems. Uniview CCTV Camera Installations are only providing well-known and well-supported CCTV products and services such as Samsung, Qvis, Sony, Pelco, Panasonic, Hikvision, Uniview and other well-known brands to the marketplace. Uniview CCTV Camera Installations are able to provide service and support on a national basis with our In-House team based in Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester, and London and a network of experienced technical agents throughout the United Kingdom.

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At Uniview CCTV Camera Installations we believe that it is important to provide specialist skills and knowledge in every field of security. This is why Uniview have chosen to provide a dedicated CCTV service to our customers.

Our team of professionals will provide you with the best advice available and select only the most appropriate equipment for your application.

Ensuring that your CCTV system operates as a profit centre for your business is foremost in our mind. Therefore our team will design & install a system that provides you and your business with the benefits you need to enhance your profits while protecting you against loss and potential loss.

Uniview CCTV Camera Installations

Uniview CCTV Camera Installers Near Me

One of our most common systems is the Uniview CCTV security cameras kit that incorporates 4 channel input for Uniview Security Cameras. The problem is that most NVR digital recorders only work with there own brand of Security Cameras. Unlike the others, Uniview can fix that issue as it will also work with some third-party IP cameras. Furthermore, the NVR supports H.264 and H.265 compression video formats and has 1 SATA HDD up to 6 TB. Mobile client access is available with a free app for remote viewing from anywhere in in the world at any time. Also, it has HDMI and VGA outputs at a 1080P resolution so that you can connect to a TV or computer monitor. Another great addition to our Uniview CCTV Camera Installations page.

Our Unview IP CCTV security camera kit is designed for home and business owners who require performance in their security cameras. As a result, the 4 Channel NVR is equipped with a lot of quality features, including built-in POE power. The kit includes 2x 4MP IR enabled mini dome security cameras fit for outdoor use. The footage is automatically recorded on the NVR when there is motion detected. Most noteworthy the Uniview CCTV security cameras work together with a smartphone or computer. Furthermore, Uniview CCTV Camera Installations can supply or install this CCTV system in and around the United Kingdom for any size building. As a result, you can Contact Us to discuss requirements for your home or business.

Uniview CCTV Camera Installations.

Best Uniview CCTV Cameras

Univiews IP camera codecs, network, and digital recorders, analogue products, storage devices, and software. Launched in 2005, Uniview touts itself as the seventh biggest IP video surveillance provider in the world and says its research and development staff account for almost half of its total employee headcount.

“Uniview’s products are of the highest quality, and Uniview CCTV Installations are confident the value and features offered by Uniview will win our security integrators, consultants and installers new business and help them achieve greater profit, cash flow, and growth.”

“Quality, reliability, and innovation are the key value proposition of Uniview products,” Uniview is by far one of the best in the world.

“With this value proposition, Uniview CCTV Installations have already established a successful footprint across 140 countries and are experiencing over 100 percent annual growth in these countries. Now we are setting our sights on the United Kingdom and given the local growth of the IP surveillance security market, we are excited to bring on Uniview as a key Security System.”

Uniview CCTV Camera Installations.

Installation of Uniview Cameras

In today’s fast-moving world of technology, it’s important that the correct technology is applied in all areas of business and CCTV is no exception. Many variants of IP Based solutions are available on the market today so it is critical for you that your integrator provides the correct advice

What is Uniview IP CCTV?

Uniview IP based cameras are the future. They work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection. The key benefits of this over analogue CCTV systems are:

Greater Flexibility

IP Uniview cameras can be installed on to existing Local Area Networks (LAN) Wide Area Networks (WAN) or be transmitted via the internet and/or using wireless technology. The images can then be managed for recording, storage & viewing almost anywhere within a network

Higher Quality Images

Whilst IP CCTV has been available for around 10 years, it is only in the last few years that the technology has matured, leading to the developments in Megapixel and High Definition (HD) technology. Take a look at some of our examples and see for yourself.

IP System Design

At Uniview Camera Installations we are able to provide IP Based CCTV Solutions using the latest technology and recognised reliable brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Hikvision, Dallmeier & Qvis. Whether you wish to use ‘Open Architecture’ Video Management Systems (VMS) such as Uniview Camera Installations or more proprietary systems such as the Dallmeier, Uniview Camera Installations will design the most appropriate solution for your needs.

IP Technology in Service Stations

Also, Uniview Camera Installations have recently upgraded a number of service stations’ CCTV Systems to IP technology Solutions. Uniview Camera Installations have also been able to assist with budgeting for the future of the systems providing true ‘Hybrid Solutions which target those Higher Risk areas such as forecourts and cash handling area with HD 1080P cameras whilst maintaining (for the time being) some analogue cameras in lower risk or general surveillance areas.

The UK education facilities are well known for their Multi – Building layouts over large areas which traditionally made it extremely difficult to deploy an analogue CCTV Solution. With the advent of IP and Mega Pixel/HD technology, together with advanced video compression techniques, we can now comfortably incorporate IP based CCTV into any educational environment. The added advantage of high bandwidth fibre backbones, large numbers of low bandwidth IP cameras can be deployed around education facilities.

Uniview IP Technology in Retail

Some of our larger retail stores are now upgrading their analogue CCTV Solutions either to Full IP systems or (where there is already significant investment in analogue cameras) to true ‘Hybrid’ analogue /IP solutions. In one such case, we transferred more than fifty analogue cameras from one site to the customer’s new development and enhanced the solution with ‘Hybrid’ recording and 1080P Full High Definition (HD) camera in those Higher Risk areas. Uniview Camera Installations also future-proofed the system be utilising CAT5E, CAT6, and Fibre for video transmission which will allow migration over to a fully integrated IP system in the future.

IP Technology in Carparks

Video surveillance in car parks presents its own unique challenges. Achieving wide area coverage and obtaining registration numbers within the same image is now achievable. Take a look at the 5 Megapixel image below and see what can be done.

Carparks do of course have obstacles such as pillars, posts, and other vehicles so it’s extremely important to take in to account the ‘physical location’ of cameras to ensure the best possible coverage.

Best Uniview CCTV Cameras


Using Digital Video Recorders for Uniview CCTV Systems is still a very reliable, stable and most importantly cost effective method of achieving your surveillance goals especially in small to medium businesses.

With our digital recorders you are guaranteed clear, usable images and because we only use well-known, branded, reliable products such as Panasonic, Dallmeier, Mitsubishi and Pacom, amongst others but the Uniew Camera system is still the best so you are assured the best results are achieved every time.

Best Uniview CCTV Cameras

Best Uniview CCTV Cameras Focus is Customer Service

Local Uniview CCTV installations recommend that once your system is installed a regular maintenance programme be entered into. Furthermore, Uniview CCTV installations also provide you with a list of daily/weekly checks you can perform. Both of these will ensure your system is kept running at peak performance 365 days of the year. Uniview CCTV installations invite you to take advantage of our free customer support available on 0800 0132341

You can be confident from the day you make contact with us that you will receive expert advice and your system will be installed and maintained by a suitably qualified and experienced technician.

During a system service our technicians will:

  • Complete a full check of your entire system.
  • Provide you with a written report showing any sign of deterioration since installation.
  • Provide any extra training as required for new or existing staff.
  • Offer advice and recommendations to help keep your surveillance system fully operational.
  • All clients on our routine preventative maintenance programme are entitled to free loan equipment
  • Should we have to remove a component for repair
Uniview CCTV Camera Installations

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