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If you are looking for CCTV Cameras with audio then you have come to the right place. But there are a few things to bare in mind! But first, let me give you a typical example.

A customer contacted me and said, I have had trouble with a neighbour for 6 years with constant verbal abuse and personally damaging their property. Constantly banging on our door and entering our yard. He has recently been standing alongside the fences – Making very serious threats to me and my wife. We heard parts of it when we went to size up the job but we can not get involved as a company. But once we installed the CCTV camera with audio it made it so they could listen back on the playback. Then when listening back to the footage it was horrified with what he was saying.

There question to me was, If I have this on Audio from the CCTV footage can this be used in court?
I have 2 large signs within view of neighbour saying this property is under constant CCTV with audio surveillance.

Is there a difference legally between a CCTV camera that records sounds or not? Is my signage enough?

CCTV Cameras with audio

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As you probably already know, you can use visual surveillance devices in reasonable locations on your property as long as they are not pointed in an area where people would normally expect privacy.

With regard to Audio, there are laws regarding the recording of conversations. You are not allowed to record a private conversation without the consent of the other party to the conversation. If you were to tell your neighbour verbally that you are also recording audio and add to your signs that the CCTV footage also includes audio – you might be able to reason that you have warned your neighbour and continued to abuse you and therefore there is an implied consent to the recording. UK Laws

However, if you have not gained his consent already I doubt that you will be able to use the sound component of the footage in court as it would have been obtained illegally. But the police will be more than happy to listen to the audio footage.

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